This page describes Concurrent Real-Time software repositories for users running RedHawk on CentOS and RHEL based system. These YUM-compatible repositories contain RPM packages as well as product installation disc images (ISO9660 format).

You can find information on Concurrent Real-Time's deb-based repositories at APT Repositories.

Product Repositories

YUM (rpm) Repositories (for use with NUU, yum, dnf, etc.)

The following Concurrent Real-Time products have YUM repositories:

Supported architectures include 32-bit Intel/AMD, 64-bit Intel/AMD, and arm64 on the APM XGene-C1 system although not all products or versions are available on all architectures.

Concurrent Real-Time supports additional arm64 systems running RedHawk Linux on Ubuntu. See APT Repositories for more information.

Access to YUM repositories requires a definition file to be installed on your system under /etc/yum.repos.d/ and the file name must end ".repo".

Concurrent Real-Time provides repository definitions in the form of RPM packages for all standard products and their versions. The RPMs install repository definition files under /etc/yum.repos.d/. See the section describing NUU on this page for directions on downloading these RPMs.

The following is typical of such a repository definition for a Concurrent Real-Time product. We will use RedHawk Linux version 7.3 as an example.

name=Concurrent Real-Time RedHawk Linux

The bold green portions above must be replaced with the Login ID and Password assigned to you by Concurrent Real-Time. That information is included in a cover letter which shipped with your system and/or software. The Login ID is also your Site ID, which typically starts with LI or LA followed by 5-7 decimal digits. If you cannot readily locate these values, please contact Concurrent Real-Time Software Support as shown in the support section below. You can set the "enabled" variable on the last line of the stanza to 0 until you are able to fill in the information.

The path name shown in bold red is part of the line that starts with "baseurl". While that baseurl entry may appear to be split across two lines in this web page, it must be on one continuous line without spaces in the file. The path describes the product of interest, typically arranged in a hierarchy of the Product Name followed by optional sub-directories, followed by the product version number, and finally the architecture.

Generally, you should not replace the characters $basearch with any other value. The path should end in $basearch, which is a YUM variable which is automatically set by yum utilities.

Individual repository baseurl lines are listed near the end of this page, however, there is a more convenient way to install them, as described in Network Update Utility (NUU), which is the next section.

Network Update Utility (NUU)

NUU is an open source project which provides a graphical user interface that allows users to update their Concurrent Real-Time software from YUM software repositories. NUU is not required to access the repositories, you can use standard utilities such as yum and dnf.


The following document describes the QuickStart procedure for downloading NUU and performing the initial configuration steps. These steps include the installation of RPMs which provide all relevant repository definition files for your system.


Select the appropriate tar file for your operating system and download it:

After downloading, refer to the QuickStart.pdf file for installation and configuration instructions.

You can subsequently return to this page to download updated installation kits as more products (or versions) become available via NUU.

NUU is available on additional platforms. Refer to the NUU Open Source Project for more information.

More Information

For more information on Update Discs, Repository Keys, and options for secured sites w/o network access to Concurrent Real-Time, return to the home network page.


If you need assistance, please contact the Concurrent Real-Time Software Support Center at our toll free number 1-800-245-6453. For calls outside the continental United States, the number is 1-954-283-1822. The Software Support Center operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

You may also submit a request for assistance at any time by using the Concurrent Real-Time web main site at or by sending an email to