Changelog section for RPM ccur-vmlinux-7.3.4-20180501.x86_64.rpm

* Tue Apr 17 2018 RedHawk Development Team 
- RedHawk 7.3.4.

- Import-4.4.115-rt130. This brings in the latest fixes to the Spectre
  and Meltdown security violations.

- Adjust the kernel source code and Makefiles so that it can be compiled
  with a new gcc compiler, gcc-7.3.0, without warning or error.

- Compile the kernel with gcc-7.3.0 with the retpoline extension enabled.
  This introduces the compiler-generated portion of the Spectre security
  violation mitigation (retpoline).

- Import OpenOnload-201710-u1. This brings in a version of OpenOnload that
  is compatible with the Meltdown security violation fixes introduced above,
  as well as bring in the latest vnet device support and assorted bugfixes.
  Affects only systems with an ethernet card from SolarFlare Corporation.

- Adjust a RedHawk-added idle spin method so that the spinning occurs in
  the inner rather than the outer idle loop, where the load on the system
  from idling is less.

- Increase the size of the kernel's CONFIG_LOCKDEP buffer. This allows
  lockdep to log more data before running out of space. Affects debug
  kernels only. This is a backport from newer versions of Linux.

- Modify unbound workqueue processing to honor shielding when an entire
  NUMA node is shielded. Prior to this fix, some system services would
  run on such shielded cpus in violation of the requirements of shielding.

- Prevent the smi sniffer, when enabled, from running on downed cpus.
  This releases system resources (power, bus cycles, cpu micro-ops)
  to the non-downed cpus. The smi sniffer is not enabled by default.

- Prevent RedHawk forced polling during idling (forcespin grub command
  line option) from being active on downed cpus. This releases system
  resources to the non-downed cpus.

- Adjust the kernels masterclock algorithm so that it works properly with
  clock frequency adjustments up to 100,000 ppm. Prior to this, it worked
  well with frequency adjustments of a few thousand ppm. Only affects
  systems having an RCIM card and using chronyd(8) instead of, say, ntpd(8)
  for time synchronization. One issue remaining is that the RCIM-III
  card can only change frequency up to 50,000 ppm. The new masterclock
  algorithm compensates by clamping frequency change to 50,000 ppm for this
  card. Chronyd can be kept from asking for more than 50,000 ppm by editing
  maxslewrate in /etc/chrony.conf. The RCIM-II does not have this problem.

- Fix hard-to-hit infinite recursion bug in rescheduling variables. Symptom
  is a kernel stack overflow in some process using rescheduling variables.
  The primary user of rescheduling variables is multitasking Ada programs
  compiled with the MaxADA compiler.

- Fix a race in shielding where a currently running hrtimer would not be
  migrated off a newly shielded cpu. This violates the rules of shielding
  when the timer in question is not associated with a real time process
  tied to the shielded cpu.

- Fix a bug in mainline Linux's internal-to-the kernel migrate_enable()
  service, where a migration that was being deferred to the next
  migrate_enable() did not occur.  This affects only the prt kernels.

- Revert a page replication modification that revised locking around a
  radix_tree_insert call. Result should be fewer or no radix_tree_insert
  failure messages appearing in the kernel message log, and better page
  replication performance.

- Add a new command, FBS_GET_CYCLES, to the fbsctl(2) system call, and
  (in a seperate package from the kernel) change the fbs library service
  fbscycle(3) to use it when available, rather than use the more heavy
  weight FBS_STAT command. This provides faster retrieval of the commonly
  needed FBS frame and cycle number.

- Import 4.4.126-rt141.

- Update NVIDIA kernel driver to 390.48.

* Wed Jan 17 2018 RedHawk Development Team 
- RedHawk 7.3.3.

- Fix preempt rt bug where count of cpus in a task affinity mask was
  not properly updated after some affinity mask changes.
- xtrace: add new tracepoints to log affinity and shielding changes.
- Disable CONFIG_FENCE_TRACE; this stops useless Radeon driver data
  dumps to the kernel log.
- Upgrade NVIDIA kernel driver version to 384.98.
- Import 4.4.110-rt125 (has meltdown fix, initial version).
- Import 4.4.111 (brings in additional spectre and meltdown fixes).
- Import 4.4.112 (brings in spectre and meltdown documentation and
  feature bits, see /proc/cpuinfo).
- Fixed bitrot preventing custom kernels with CONFIG_CPU_FREQ=y
  from being built.

* Mon Nov 06 2017 RedHawk Development Team 
- RedHawk 7.3.2.

- Fix buffer overflow problem in the kgdb kdb 'rt' command.
- Initialize uninitialized variable in the kgdb kdb disassembler.
- Import 4.4.79-rt92.
- Create /proc/xtrace/gettime-tracepoints-disable; when set nonzero
  xtrace will not log any clock_gettime or gettimeofday syscalls.
- make ptrace(PTRACE_GETREGSET, NT_ARM_SYSTEM_CALL, ...) reliably
  return the system call number again, on aarch64.
- Turn on the CONFIG_UHID and CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH configs for
  all RedHawk kernels.
- ptrace: Fix bts (branch trace store) buffer overflow problem.
- ptrace: Fix watchpoint dbr6 register not clearing issue.
- signals: backport a mainline Linux fix that prevents sigsuspend(2)
  from occasionally waking up early, without a signal being pending.
- Import 4.4.86-rt99.
- Debug: Forward port lockmeter from RedHawk-5.4.  Default =off for
  all non-custom RedHawk kernels.
- Import OpenOnload-201606-u1.3.
- Tweak kernel build to better support installation of Redhawk on
  Debian-based systems.
- Fix potential ABBA kernel deadlock on prt-based kernels when a
  slaved RCIM is being used to drive system time.
- Fix failure to properly restore FP registers when the new
  watchpoint-jump extension to ptrace(2) was in use.
- Add a jrcu.hz= to the kernel command line options.
- Do not auto-enable the SMI sniffer for any kernel.  Prior to this
  it was auto-enabled for the debug kernels.  It can still be enabled
  explicitly with a command line option (smi_sniffer=on) or with
  and echo to a /proc filesystem file.
- Update RedHawk support email address in the changelog.

* Tue Aug 08 2017 RedHawk Development Team 
- RedHawk 7.3.1.

- Import 4.4.66-rt79.
- Added PREEMPT_RT patch support.
- Revert ata device names in /proc/interrupts to the format they
  had in earlier revisions of RedHawk.
- Fix bitrot that prevented CONFIG_SHIELD=n from being selected
  in custom-built kernels.
- Extend xtrace API to include a new ioctl, XTRACE_CUSTOM.
- xtrace: re-introduce accidently dropped tracepoints in hrtimers,
  timers, and itimers.
- Fix kernel so that the xtrace-extract tool now works under Ubuntu.
- Fix kernel warning in the kernel's __ptrace_unlink() service due to
  a flags variable not being protected by the correct spinlock.
- Display both masterclock and system time interval in masterclock
  'long interval seen' notification message.
- [prt] Move masterclock processing from softirq to hardirq level.
- [prt] Fix lock ordering problem (potential deadlock) in radix tree.
- [prt] Fix lockdep splat in IRQ 'nobody cared' message processing.
- Do not dump kernel stack on IRQ 'nobody cared' condition; this
  condition is not a kernel bug.
- Remove some hrtimer debug code that was accidently released with 7.3.
- Remove dead code that migrates currently running hrtimers; alternative
  implementation to be developed later if need proven.
- Import 4.4.75-rt88.
- Support hyperthreaded systems better by defaulting to 'halt' rather
  than 'poll' methods of idling, when RedHawk is booted on them.

* Fri Jun 16 2017 RedHawk Development Team 
- RedHawk 7.3 (initial release).
- A forward port of the RedHawk kernel patches from 4.1-Linux kernel
  base to a 4.4-Linux kernel base.
- Visit for generic Linux Kernel documentation.